Are You a Sex Offender For Consensual Sex?

Many times we hear on the news that 2 consenting teenagers engage in sexual acts that both agree to have.  These acts are loving and caring between them, their way showing affection towards one another.  Acts like these would go unnoticed if the 2 consenting teenagers were above a certain age.   There is no national “age of consent” laws, states have made their own laws regarding who can legally consent to have sex.  If you violate those laws, your in for a legal mess and if convicted you will be on a Sex Offender Registry for the rest of your natural life.  My question is,  Is It Fair? Teenagers that are comparable in age sometimes having just days separating them from legitimate to illicit behavior will face a lifetime of being labeled a sex offender.  Are they really sex offenders?  Is consensual sex rape?

What do you think and why?

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